Sunday, May 1, 2005

by c-mama

Well, a new month, a new look. My blog is new, but I spent a good 2 hours working on it today to be on my webpage now. My honey graciously spent a great deal of time with me working to get it on my webpage. He’s great. 🙂

This weekend I quickly made up a lacy poncho for my oldest daughter, Emily. I showed her two styles.

This one found here

And this one which was actually an adaptation of the first.

She chose the original and we went to Walmart to pick out a color. I chose Caron Simply Soft as I really don’t like the feel of the Red Heart. She chose a dark purple and I will post a picture of it tomorrow.

I am still working on the Pineapple Eyelet Lace Doily. I was having a problem figuring out Round 23. I had thought I was reading “sk next group of 4 ch-3 sps and first ch-2 sp of next dbl shell” but it says, “sk next 3 groups of 4 ch-3 sps and first ch-2 sp of next dbl shell”. It happens to me sometimes. I’m used to reading charts and get confused sometimes when I just read the directions. I have found, from reading the charts, I like to see what it is I’m going to do and it’s hard for me to read through the “matrix” of the pattern sometimes. Oh well. At least I figured it out on that round and only had to frog a couple of yards of thread instead of a couple of ROUNDS!

Pictures of the poncho to come tomorrow.