More WIPs

by c-mama

Well, I’m almost finished with the water bottle cozy thing and the doily. I purchased 7 glass votive holders and 7 purple candles. A friend who showed interest in the doily loves purple, so I thought the purple candles would add a nice touch. I’ll post a picture when I’m finished.

I am also going to try and make up a Swiffer cloth. I got the idea here. I am going to use my Aunt Lydia’s denim and an H hook.

I have also decided on a Mother’s Day gift. Although my mom would love this doily, I want to give her something that will help her pamper herself. I purchased some bath salts and shower gel and am going to make her a rose pouff I found here. She’ll enjoy that.

Well, the storm has passed and the kids are playing so I’m going to get some “shaying” done. That’s what my two year old calls it. ;P