Saturday – No Finished Projects, but a fun day

by c-mama

We drove up about 1 1/2 hours to where my parents live today to visit with some friends we met on a firearms forum. They were vacationing there and so we met for lunch.

On our drive up, I finished another rose pouf. I also started on a swiffer pad I want to make. I guess I’ll have to think of a name for them that doesn’t include the “s” word. 🙂 I actually completed one in about an hour, but I didn’t make it quite right as I wasn’t writing down the instructions as I went along. So, I will use the one I made, but have since wrote down instructions and will make another one following those.

I also found an afghan in a book of “White Crochet” that I want to make. The motifs (yes, motifs) remind me of doilies. They are 11″ so I wouldn’t have to make too many.

Time to get back to “Yoyager”. Good night.