WIP Wednesday

by c-mama

So, I’m working on making a cleaning pad for my swiffer. I made one that works. (That’s good, huh?) I used it to dust my floors and it worked just the same as the ones swiffer sells. I also used it when I sprayed my Windex Multi-Task on the floor. That worked out super! So, now I just have to make a few a bit bigger than the original. My mom wants a few, and I want a few.

I was working on a bag for my kids, but I’m not sure I’m going to finish that. I haven’t quite decided. They have lots of bags and I don’t want the thing lying around not getting used.

I am working on a blanket for the kiddos. They like to sit on the couch together, but they like to cuddle under blankets. Because I wasn’t much of a blanket maker in the past, they don’t have any blankets made by me. I have started making them “Arowhead Afghan With Popcorn Stitches” found in “Better Homes & Gardens, White Crochet” Copyright 1988. I’m making it in Caron Simply Soft, Baby Blue with an H hook. I’m happy with how it’s progressing. I’m at round 7 of 18 and I need to make about 12 squares. It depends on how long it ends up being. I want the 6 kids to all fit under it!