by c-mama

Well, it’s been a while since I posted. I still have not finished my kiddos blanket. I promised them it would be done by the time they got back from their grandma’s house last week Thursday, but in the time they were gone, a friend asked if I could make up 3 doilies and 5 bookmarks. She is going on a ministry trip to Poland and wants to take gifts for those who she is ministering with.

Also, last week, I made up 3 prayer kerchiefs for friends who have loved ones suffering from some kind of sickness. 2 friends have mothers suffering from nasty cancer (what cancer isn’t nasty?). One has cancer on her tongue and her dr. is not seeing her until the 23. She is in so much pain and barely eats. My other friend’s mom – it came on her suddenly and they aren’t expecting her to make it through the summer.

I’m so sad for my friends. I felt impressed by the Lord to make up small doilies, pray over them while making them, and sending them to the moms. I believe the Lord can and will heal these ladies.

My prayers continue to go forth for their healing.

The other doily is for a friend’s 4 year old daughter who has some intestinal problems. Prayers for her healing continue to go forth on her behalf as well.

Those prayer doilies are complete and are enroute to their new owners. I’m finishing up the last doily and will make up the 5 bookmarks today. I then have another blanket to work up for another friend who is having surgery this summer.

Time for a nap. 🙂