Kids’ blanket finally finished!

by c-mama

I first posted about this mammoth on May 11. I finally finished it today. The blanket measures 60″ x 105″. There are 15 squares and each square measures 20″. I used Caron Simply Soft and an H hook. Some of the squares have the white in the middle.

Each square uses a 6 oz skein of yarn!

The intent of the blanket was so that the kids would have something to cuddle with when they are on the couch. It worked!

Here you see, from left to right, Jordan (7 – yes, he is crossing is eyes), Caytie (10), Logan (15 months), Emily (11), Kenaniah (3 on the 30th) and Levi (8). Oh, and yes, they are ALL mine.

Kids Blue Blanket