Current WIPs

by c-mama

I finished another lion (pink/purple – no pics).

I finished some small stuffed animals (if no one purchased them, I’ll post pictures on Thursday evening or Friday).

I made some baskets (yup, pictures to come later).

I attended a friend’s baby shower on Sunday afternoon. I made her a basket and am making a mat. The mat is cool. It’s made in pockets with worsted weight yarn. I stuff the pockets with fiberfill as I close them up. they are 120 stitches long and 9 rows high. But because they are pockets, they are 240 stitches around. I am using a pattern from a hard cover book I got, “Easy Living Crochet”. The mat also is going to have handles and strips that have velcro on them to hold toys.

I am currently making a pinwheel doily with roses done in filet. The pattern is by Alice Gundel and is found in Dec 1993 issue of Magic Crochet. I’m using ecru, size 10 and a size 2 hook, I think. I’m not positive as it’s one of my Graydog hooks that doesn’t have a number on them.