Offline for a while

by c-mama

Because of Wilma, I will be offline for a while. Our internet is down and I’m not sure when it will be back up. Scott will probably be uploading some pictures of what Wilma left behind, and they can be found here.


I have finished the rectangular portion of the shrug. I ran out of the ribbon yarn and the Walmart by my mom and dad’s house didn’t have any. So I figured I would try and add Red Heart Plush – red to the ruffle. We’ll see. I may copy a doily pattern, but I may just wing it with something else.

I am almost finished with a small loopy puppy.

I made 3 pumpkins and 3 candy corn for my mom.

My mom wants garland that’s about 33″ to drape a picture that’s in her living room. I’ll be working on a design for that.

I hope to post again soon.