Baby Layettes

by c-mama

A dear friend of mine called me a couple of days ago. Her son is expecting their first child – my friend’s first grandbaby, a girl. This is very special, indeed. But what makes it even more special is that my friend has cancer. She has been fighting a long, hard battle with this nasty disease. We have been praying for a breakthrough for healing. She is going to be having surgery done on 1/23 and I believe it is her desire to present her son and his wife with 3 outfits for the baby before then. I was so honored that she asked me.

I went to JoAnne fabric last night and picked up 2 skeins of the Pound of Love by Lion Brand. I wanted to get some baby yarn, but my friend wants the outfits in an ecru color and I was having problems finding that locally. The Pound of Love was on sale and it seemed perfect. I was looking at the pattern books they have and decided on one by Leisure Arts called Lacy Layettes . My friend wanted the outfits to look old fashioned and able to be passed down from child to child and kept in the family as heirlooms. This book kind of called out to me so I picked it up. I was able to get the 2 skeins and book for under $20.

I was intimidated by starting this project and still am intimidated a little. I am afraid that I will not meet my friend’s high expectations. I know it’s silly. I was also unsure of my ability to make the jackets. I’ve only made one dress. Any other clothing has consisted of ponchos, shrugs, hats and scarves. But I’m working up the sacque now and am almost finished. It’s working up quite nicely. I was also unsure of the size since I’m working with worsted weight as opposed to the sport weight called for by the pattern. But, it’s pretty much on gauge. If anything, it will fit the baby at 3 months which is not bad.

My friend has also asked me to make another hat for her. So, I’ll be whipping up another hat for her, praying I get the size right. 😉