Why is it?

by c-mama

Why is it that I always bog myself down with so many projects?

I decided to make a blanket for a friend I met through the internet. She is having surgery on her shoulder. I just jumped, posted that I’d be making her something, found a pattern for a pillowghan (blanket that folds up into a pillow), bought the material and started working on it.

Meanwhile, I had promised Beth I’d made some baby blankets out of this yummy yarn she brought me. This was before I decided to make that friend a “comfort pillowghan”.

Now, I have a bridal shower to attend and I want to make a doily or something and also want to make a blanket for a wedding gift.

No, I haven’t finished my friends comfort pillowghan. No, I haven’t even started on Beth’s baby blankets.

I do not know why I do this to myself. I drive myself absolutely bonkers.

My prayer this evening is that the Lord help me organize my time and my projects.

BTW, I am currently listening to Jeremiah Bowser’s newest album, Don’t Go Away. I absolutely love it. He is currently recording a new album now. You can check out his MySpace for more information. 🙂