Blue Jays

by c-mama

About 9 years ago, I was sitting in my little kitchen crying out to the Lord about our financial situation. Things looked bleak. We were about to lose our house and file bankruptcy. I prayed and asked God to show me a sign that things were going to be ok. I looked at our bird feeder and said, “Lord, just let a bird show up at the feeder”. Sounds like a silly prayer? Not really. I had yet to see a bird at our feeder – and I sat there looking for birds to come.

Well, soon after that prayer, I saw a blue jay appear and I was SO excited! Now, we did lose the house and we did file bankruptcy. However, we have never had to live on the streets, I am able to stay home with my kids – all 6 of them! – and God has blessed us mightily. Every time I see a blue jay, I am reminded that the Lord cares enough to let me know that He’s there, listening to my prayers and He’s in control.