Coffee Tavern

by c-mama

Yesterday I cleaned off my desk. It’s something I need to do about once a week since I put tons of stuff on it all the time. I came across a coffee mug I bought from a place called the Coffee Tavern.

About 2 years ago, Scott, the kids and I went to North Carolina for our family vacation. A friend of ours told us to check out the Coffee Tavern. She had seen it online and thought for sure I’d like it.

We went and it was great. It’s this barn that’s also a coffee place. It’s pretty big. It has a deck that goes all the way around. Besides the strip mall and medical building, there are woods and grassy areas all around. Nice and peaceful. It’s deck intersects with a walking path through the area.

This morning I was thinking about the Coffee Tavern. I think it would be so nice to have something like that here. Some place to gather together with others, walk outside, enjoy the scenery.

*Sigh* I’m just feel nostalgic right now. 🙂

Coffee Tavern’s web site