Jeremiah Bowser

by c-mama

This week I am going to point you to Jeremiah Bowser. I had purchased his latest cd and absolutely love it. Normally I import new cds into my computer since I have a tendency to lose things. I had forgotten to do this with Jeremiah’s cd. I brought the cd out to the living room to play in the DVD player. I forgot to take it back out again and the kids had since watched Chronicle of Narnia on the DVD player.

I went looking for the cd and found it in the living room, tossed aside on the book shelf. I looked it over and found some scratches on it! I was so upset. 😦 I took it into the bathroom to wash it with soap and dry with a soft towel. I then imported the album into my computer. After doing so, I played it on my bedroom DVD player. It worked fine. Whew.

Jeremiah is currently working on a new album and you can visit his blog to keep up with what’s going on. Jeremiah’s MySpace

I hope you enjoy his music as much as I have been.

Be blessed in Jesus’ name. 🙂