Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker

by c-mama

In November, I think, I stopped drinking Coke. I would drink 3-6 cans of Coke a day. Insane, I know. I went from Coke to Diet Sierra Mist. But that was only for a couple of weeks. I rarely drink soda anymore. If I “need” a soda, I’ll grab one of Scott’s diet cokes. I will also drink an orange soda if we are out. But I mostly drink iced tea.

I would boil water and pour it over the tea bags in a small pitcher. I’d be making it every day. I went to Walmart one day and saw the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker. At first I thought, why would I spend $20 on something like this? I can make iced tea just fine.

Well, I decided to get it. I love it. You add water to it like you would a coffee maker. A pitcher comes with it – a 3 quart pitcher. You don’t add 3 quarts of water to the maker. You add 3 cups. The pitcher is then filled with 3 quarts of ice. You add your tea – loose or in bags and you can also add sweetners and flavorings (put in a coffee filter if you are going to use loose tea and/or other additives). The pitcher is placed flush to the maker and the maker will dispense the tea into the pitcher on top of the ice. The ice will melt only a little, but then you put the pitcher in the refrigerator so the ice stays pretty much until the tea is gone. I love it that I don’t have to do 3 steps.

Just wanted to share. 🙂

Yes, I got the blue. I love blue. 🙂

Click here to buy online from Walmart

Oh, yeah. Make sure you have plenty of ice on hand before you decide to make some. The first time I tried this, I found all my ice trays empty. My kids use ice and don’t fill the trays back up. That lovely habit has since stopped. I have 6 ice cube trays and use about 4 of them. Today I used all 6, but there were cubes missing from some of them. Maybe the lesson hasn’t been learned, yet. That reminds me. I need to get new ice trays. 🙂