Working Out

by c-mama

I had gotten very lazy over the years and my body is definitely showing it.

Monday I started going for walks. I am starting at 15 minute walks since 15 minutes is just about all I can handle.

Thursday I didn’t go. I had to wait for the handyman and by the time he left I was depressed that I’m still handwashing dishes and still have a leak under the sink. So I didn’t go out walking. And I paid for it. I was lazy all day. I know that had I walked I would have felt better. I looked on the tv for any excersize programs, but they come on early in the morning. So I went ahead and set Denise Austin’s 2 shows to record the next day.

Yesterday I walked and in the afternoon I did the fit and lite program which is pilates and yoga. Ok. Not bad. I can tell I’m out of shape, but I can do this.

This morning I started with the fit and lite and then went to her aerobics. Oh man. When she got to the abs, I had to stop. Made me sad to see how strong I wasn’t. But, you know what? I am getting stronger. I can feel it already. One day I’ll be able to do the whole program. As long as I stick to it.