Doily woes

by c-mama

I received some patterns from a friend and they are written in Portugese. They do have symbols on them and my friend translated the symbols for me so I could follow the chart. I made one up and there’s definately something wrong. I’m thinking I sc’d instead of hdc or something as it’s bunching up in some places. I don’t even think blocking it would help. I’m disappointed as this doily was going to be a wedding gift for my friend. The wedding is Saturday. I do not have time to make up another one. See above post about my W.I.P.s. I am about 1/2 through another doily I was making just to make. I piled my plate so high and was getting to a point where I didn’t want to do anything that I picked out a doily pattern *I* liked. It’s nice to be able to work something like that out because it’s enjoyable for me.

So, I suppose Eileen will be getting that one. It’s done in ecru, so I will put a note with it letting her know I will make another for her in white if she prefers.