Rogue Waves

by c-mama

I had been watching the television show on the Discovery Channel called, “Deadliest Catch”. Cool show about Alaskan crab fishermen. They had mentioned something about rogue waves coming and coming over the ship.

Monday morning, I awoke to a strange dream. I was in the ocean. There were lots of people there at the beach. This wave comes out of nowhere. It’s HUGE. It is over us and smashes us down. I’m ok and look back and there is another one. I run to the beach and the next wave comes and overtakes the beach.

There’s more to the dream, but more on that later.

I’m now going through the tv guide looking for interesting shows to record and come across History Channel’s, Rogue Waves. I’m watching it now and am reminded of my dream and what I saw on Deadliest Catch.

I think I have some research to do and see what God is speaking in this.