Froggin’ it. Argh.

by c-mama

I finished up a round on the doily I’m making for my friend’s wedding gift. I take a took at the doily and how it’s coming along and I notice it’s bunching up in this one section. Oh no! Where I was supposed to split off the shells for between pineapples, I didn’t at this one pair. I look and thought I had to go back 5 rounds. My hubby says, “we’ll just get her a gift certificate from the mall.” I said, “I wanted to save money by making her something, and I wanted to present her with something that I made.” He told me it wasn’t worth seeing me getting frustrated.

Well, I frogged the 4 rounds I need to frog just now and I’ll see how far I get on it today. I just need to pause between rounds to make sure things look right. I don’t know that I’ve ever made a mistake quite like this. I mean, I’ve made mistakes before, but they didn’t affect the pattern enough to frog it. This one HAD to be redone.

Well, we’ll see what comes of this.