W.I.P.s – Friday 6/2/06

by c-mama

I am working on a bag for myself using Lily’s String Basket pattern. I am using Caron Simplly Soft with a strand of Aunt Lydia’s Denim and a J hook. I crocheted over the strand of denim for the bottom and then did a round of hdc around – using 2 strands – CSS and ALD. I then do 3 rounds of ch 5 mesh using only CSS and bringing the ALD up each time I start a new round. I then do a round of hdc and will work this up until it’s tall enough. I will then be lining it and I want to make a draw-string pocket. I will then be adding eyelets around the top of the fabric so I can put strands of yarn through them. I may even get creative and make some pockets for hooks, scissors and such. 🙂

That’s all that’s on the WIP list – for now. 😀 LOL