Finding crochet in worship or finding my worship in crochet

by c-mama

For quite a while now, I had been desiring to create my own crochet pieces. But I get stuck on the idea that I just don’t know how to put stitches together, or, in the aspect of making doilies, how much to increase with each round.

It’s been catching up on me, though. The need to create my own projects. And, yes, I believe it’s a need. The Lord has given me this gift and the desire to crochet. I love that things are created with yarn and a hook. It’s amazing to me. But there was something missing.

I have been working on a Superman blanket that I charted out myself and have come to the conclusion that cross stitching on an afghan stitch canvas would yield better results. I will be finishing the blanket how I started it, but I want to try out the cross stitch on an afghan stitch canvas.

Well, today I had decided to practice the afghan stitch/Tunisian stitch. This is a first for me because I usually do not practice crochet stitches, I just pick a pattern and crochet it. But I was a little intimidated by cross stitching on an afghan stitch canvas. I had attempted to do the stitch about 2 or 3 times. The first was successful, however, I got some other requests for items to make so the afghan stitch got put to the side. The other 2 times I just couldn’t get it.

I went into my stash and found some grey yarn that I probably wouldn’t be using for anything else and thought this would be good to practice with. After practicing and researching the “curl” and finding out that this is something that happens and that I can work with, I decided to go forward and make a canvas.

As I was crocheting, I turned on some teachings from Morningstar. It’s from a series called Beholding His Glory and is a teaching series on worship. In the teaching, “The Life of a Worshipper”, Leonard Jones points out that we need to give over our grey matter of our minds to creating new things. I smiled as I watched the grey yarn creating a canvas, knowing this was an encouragement from the Lord that I was going in the right direction.