by c-mama

I have been blessed with a wonderful sense of smell. I could say it’s a curse, but really, there are so many wonderful scents out there, I would hate for it to be taken from me. I am able to pick out certain scents even if they are not strong. Comes in handy when I smell smoke. I can tell right away if someone accidentally pressed the dry button on the dishwasher.

It did seem to be a curse during my pregnancies, however. I felt I could always smell cat urine, even when we didn’t have a cat. That was not fun.

Today some of my kids are eating waffles and some are eating Honey Nut Cheerios. For some reason, I just do not like the scents of either. And having both of them overwhelm me at the kitchen table makes me wish my recent purchase from Yankee Candle of Tart Wax Potpourri would come in. I got a bunch of different scents – Autumn Wreath, Biscotti, Cinnamon Vanilla, Cranberry Peppermint, Roasted Coffee, Sage & Cinnamon, Spiced Cocoa and Sugar Cane & Vanilla.

I’m looking forward to filling my home with these wonderful scents.