But Lord, how can I …

by c-mama

Judges 6:15, 16

God does not look at outward appearances or even our physical strengths (or lack of them). He searches to find those whose hearts are open to Him so that He can work through them.

Gideon stated that he was the “weakest in Manasseh and the least in my father’s house.” So of the thousands of Israelites, God chose someone who said that they were the weakest in their tribe, the least in their family. He didn’t choose the one who looked like he could whoop some, well, you know what. He didn’t chose one who was great in his tribe or family. He chose Gideon. And I think this is why. In Judges 6:13, we see that Gideon is questioning why war has come to Israel, why they have become impoverished, why the nations are rising up against them, when they should be the ones taking the land. He questioned. He rememberd the stories from his fathers about the Lord’s miracles and the Lord bringing them up out of Egypt.

Seek the Lord, remember his promises, remember what He has done in our lives and in the lives of those that went before us. He uses those who seek His face and remember His deeds.

I want to be used by God.