Victory with 300 men

by c-mama

Judges 6:27-7:23

The Lord caused Gideon to do something that made the Midianites angry enough to come against Israel to fight. Remember that the Midianites had forced them out of the land into caves and ruined crops and killed their animals.

The Lord had Gideon bring together men to fight the Midianites, but said that the 32,000 that were there were too many. He brought the numbers down to 300 so that Israel would know that this was done by the Lord’s hand.

The army gathered around the countless men of the Midianites and Amalekites and did as the Lord had said. This caused the enemy to turn against themselves.

I take from this that no matter what comes against us, no matter how difficult things may seem, if we seek the Lord and do what He tells us, no matter how strange it may seem, He will prevail.