I’m loved by God

by c-mama

I do know that He loves me. A friend requested that if someone had a word from the Lord for him, he sure could use it because he’s been feeling quite down lately. I wanted to get a word for him, so I sought the Lord. I looked at my verse of the day on my page. Although this is a word for all, of course, I wanted something more. I found something that I thought was for my friend and sent it to him.

During that time, I received 2 e-mails from friends. They were the sort of e-mails that are sent out to a bunch of people – the sort of e-mails I usually just skim through and delete. But today I read them. And I felt the Lord speaking to me through them.

I think that since I had been so focused on hearing from the Lord on behalf of my friend, the Lord is opening my eyes to His love all around me. Even though today is Monday, I have yet to make my bed, my kids are arguing and I have not started school today, there is a joy in my spirit and an excitement about what today will bring.

My prayer today is that the Lord will continue to open my eyes to His goodness and love for me and for all who are in need of it.

May your day be blessed. May you allow the Lord to reach out and capture your heart. May your ears be open to the wonders and mysteries He longs to share with you. May your heart be open to others that they may see the love of God in you.