NOTHING is safe! I will embellish EVERYTHING with crochet!

by c-mama

Mua ha ha ha. I just had to crochet this “sweater” for Scott’s guitar stand. Actually, it’s our son Levi’s guitar stand that Scott is going to be using soon.

Ok, so I didn’t do this of my own accord. Scott came up to me and asked if I would crochet a cover for the stand. It was getting pretty worn but he didn’t see a need to purchase a new one. I was honored he asked and got to work right away. (I was reminded that I got to work on it right away because I suffer from obsessive compulsiveness LOL.) I used Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red and a size H hook. I had to crochet around the stand, which was interesting, but it worked. For the bottom part, I crocheted two tubes and then crocheted them together when they were on the stand.

Scott's Guitar Stand Cozy