37 degrees

by c-mama

Originally posted:

Monday, February 19, 2007

I live in South Florida. The tropics. Sun, sand (all over the house), palm trees, rain and heat.

We, ok, I’ll say I, am blessed with a few days throughout the year of cooler weather. Being from Wisconsin, I tolerate the heat when I’m outside, which isn’t often. I mostly stay indoors, out of the sun and the heat. So when the temperature drops to 75 or lower, the windows get opened and the fresh air comes in.

This past weekend, it was COLD. I enjoyed it, knowing it wouldn’t last long. But I did have a blanket in the truck with me to lay across my lap. Sunday morning, I woke to rain. And wind. And cold. Not a good combination. Brrrrrr!

This morning, it was cold in the house. I had wished I had another blanket to sleep with. When the alarm went off, I got up to make coffee and peeked at the thermostat. 65. Walking around the house in shorts and it’s 65 inside. I wonder what it’s like outside? No, I didn’t open the door to check. I was still sleepy. 😉 I checked weather.com and it said 37. Scott is still under the covers, wishing away the alarm. He asked me how cold it was. I told him if I said how cold it was, he wouldn’t want to get up. He insisted. I told him. It took him another 10 minutes or so to get out of bed. Hee hee.

I think my early risers may sleep in a bit this morning. They won’t want to get out from under the covers. Maybe then I can sleep in a bit. Ha ha!

So, I like the cold, but this is freezing. Not literally, of couse. I do know that freezing is 5 degrees colder than what it is right now. But in my book, it’s freezing. It’s a simple reminder that I love where I live. I do not miss being so cold I can’t get warm. When it feels as if my hands are burning because they are so cold. No, give me Florida heat over Wisconsin winters anytime.

My kids keep begging me to see snow. I try to tell them they can live perfectly happy, productive lives without ever seeing that stuff. But the unknown has intrigued them. They pray for snow. They ask if we can take them to see snow someday. Sigh. Ok. One day we’ll go see snow.