Happy Birthday, Jordan

by c-mama

Originally posted May 20, 2007

Jordan turns 9 today.

My kids are separated into two groups. The first four are one group and the “babies” are the other group. The “Four” are all between 16 and 18 months apart. Then, after Jordan was born, there was a four year gap before Kenaniah was born. A little over 9 years ago, the Lord had shown our pastor that the number 9 was significant to our congregation. The word received actually was Benign or Be Nine. We are to be like children with our Father. I remember that well because our pastor’s daughter was 9 at the time. So, now, every year one of the Four turns 9, it’s like a milestone.

So today is Jordan’s turn. Because of Jordan’s birth order in our family, he’s a little difficult to figure out. He’s quiet (when not with his friends) and prefers to stay indoors, avoiding the heat (like his mom). But Jordan is an affectionate child with lots of love to bestow on his parents and his 2 “baby” brothers.

Lord, thank you for bringing Jordan into our lives. He’s a great kid and I know you have many plans for him. I pray that you use him mightily in your Kingdom and that he be a blessing to both you and to others. Protect him, keep him safe and keep him always in the shadow of your wings.