Starbucks Mug

by c-mama

Originally posted May 16, 2007

Scott and the kids got me a Starbucks card for Mother’s Day. I went there last night after having to run to the Post Office and get 64 $.02 stamps (grrrr). I went to a different Starbucks than I normally go to. I tend to go to the same places all the time and don’t like to sway from that. But the other one was closer, and even though I knew it would be crowded, I asked Kenaniah (my 4-year-old), who was with me, which one I should go to. He said, go to the one that is closer, mommy. So we went. As we walked into the store, I see city mugs. And I see that they are Ft. Lauderdale mugs. I have been collecting city mugs for almost 2 years. Since I don’t go out of state often, I only have 3 mugs. So, I couldn’t resist and spent 2 future coffees on this mug. 🙂 Well worth it, though. It’s a nice looking one.