by c-mama

Originally posted May 17, 2007

Ok, news flash. I love yarn. I know, shocker, right?

I have had to do my yarn shopping at Rag Shop instead of Walmart ecause Walmart just doesn’t carry the selection of yarn that I need. Not that Rag Shop is the greatest, mind you and JoAnne’s and Michael’s are all just as bad.

If shopping online, I found Herrschner’s, but the shipping kills me especially when purchasing yarn for projects that I’m not selling.

What I need is to open my own yarn store. That way I can have the yarn that I want at my fingertips, bring in yarns I’ve only dreamed about, have a place where others can sit and knit or crochet or just sip on a cup of coffee.

It’s my dream to have my own yarn store, but lately I feel as if it needs to happen soon before I break the bank with shipping charges. We don’t have an LYS (local yarn store) around here. I wish we did. It would be worth the extra cost just to have dreamy yarns locally. But we don’t.

Ah, to have the money to open and run an LYS. Seems only a dream….