by c-mama

I (mistakenly) watched a clip of “The View” showing Rosie and Elizabeth arguing.

I have a tendency to feel the emotions of those around me and watching this made the anger rise and boil.

For those of you who do not know me, I am a conservative Christian. I don’t follow politics completely, in fact, most of it jumbles my mind and makes me feel stupid. Even more so when I try to figure things out. When I do that I get angry because I think the whole system is messed up. So I stick to what I do best – praying that God’s will be done in our country.

Anywho, people who don’t “believe in this war” are spewing (yes, I know that’s a harsh word) that we need to get out. Well, I heard someone say that we can’t just pull our troops out. If we do, we are looking at another Vietnam where justice WON’T occur in the land. From what I’ve heard, the civilians over there are happy we are there.

Anyway, my point in all this is that no matter what you feel about President Bush, he’s our president. Pray. Trust that God hears our prayers and that God loves our country. Trust that God has our best interests in mind. I think that if we pray that the Lord give our president wisdom and discernment, He will. But even more importantly, I feel that it is important that we pray for our next president. I am not happy about who is currently in the headlines these days – on both sides. So I just keep praying that God’s will be done and that His kingdom come. There ARE more important things. It’s important that the gospel is spread. It is important that our brothers and sisters are encouraged.

Well, I’m watching the season finale of Lost and my thoughts are a bit scattered.

More on this (maybe) later.