Kids blankets

by c-mama

I promised my kids (why, oh, why did I promise?????) that I’d make them all a blanket for our trip.

All the blankets were/will be crocheted with Caron Simply Soft worsted weight.

One is completed. It’s for Logan (#6 of 6). I chose his colors – winter camouflage. I got the pattern from some Crochet magazine that I cannot think of at the moment. If someone recognizes the pattern, let me know. The pattern was for a rainbow colored blanket/tote bag and sun pillow.

Anyway, I forgot to take the measurements down. They are all custom fit for each kiddo. Nothing huge.

This first blanket was crocheted with a G hook, following the pattern, but leaving off a row or two.

Logie's Camo Blocks

This second blanket is for Caytie (#2 of 6). She picked out the colors. I got this from “101 Crochet Stitches for Afghans” by Jean Leinhauser. It’s pattern #13. I used a J hook. I think that the stitches are a little big, but I do like how it turned out…

Caytie's T-blanket

This 3rd blanket is for Emily (#1 of 6). She picked out the pattern from the same pattern book as Caytie’s and also chose her colors. I should have known it would take more yarn and time, but, wow, this project! I ran out of yarn and it’s not even 1/2 done. I may set it aside for another purpose and just do a simple ripple for her in her colors. It’s #10 in the book. I used a G hook.

Popcorn Ripple

I’m crocheting Jordan’s (#4 of 6) blanket now. I purchased Emily’s and Jordan’s yarn at the same time. His colors are red, black and white. I modified Emily’s pattern a bit for his. The pattern for C-Mama’s Ripple is here. I am using a J hook and Caron Simply Soft.