Blankets 3 & 4 of 6

by c-mama

Well, when making blanket for all 6 kids, the blankets need designations, too. 😉

This is Kenny’s blanket. It measures 34″ x 34″ and was make with Red Heart. I know. But he picked the colors out. I’m hoping, hoping, hoping, that it will soften with a washing.

I used my C-Mama’s Ripple Pattern and a J hook.

Kenny Ripple

This is Jordan’s blanket. It measures 34″ x 48″ and was made with red, white and black Caron Simply Soft, with a J hook and C-Mama’s Ripple Pattern.

Jordan Ripple

I am working up Levi’s now. Caron Simply Soft black and Caron One Pound navy blue. Emily’s blanket will also be C-Mama’s Ripple Pattern using Caron Simply Soft white, navy and light blue. I finished Kenny’s blanket in 6 days, so I’m confident I’ll get Levi’s and Emily’s finished before we leave. Now, about those ends in Caytie’s blanket that need to be woven…maybe I can show her how to do it. 😀