Newest Projects – Doily and a Vest

by c-mama

Not together, but I am getting ideas to put small doilies together to make some jackets/vests/tops. 😉

While up in South Carolina I had been working on the Inheritance Blanket and needed a break from the heavy yarn. I had brought along some size 10 thread and a crochet magazine, Magic Crochet, April 1990 issue. I saw a doily pattern called “Winning Entry” (#11) designed by Mayumi Sato. I’m about half way through it as of today.

But I’m taking a break to make a friend of mine, who does my hair, a vest. There is a yarn shop in Pineville, NC, just outside of the town where we were staying. It’s called The Yarn Shop by Rainy Day Creations. I went there last year and bought some yarn that I’m unable to get at my local hobby stores. After talking to my friend about what she wanted, I went to the yarn shop and found some wonderful yarn for her. It’s a cotton/wool blend (80% pima cotton, 20% merino wool) by Cascade Yarns, Sierra. It’s an off white color. It’s so nice to work with. My friend chose a vest pattern (the first pattern on the link) by N.Y. Yarns. I started that today because that’s when the pattern came in. 😉 I’ll post photos as soon as I’m finished. I so love this yarn.

ETA: Pattern calls for an I hook, but I couldn’t find mine when I wanted to start it, so I picked up the J hook and I am obtaining gauge with it.