Baby blanket update

by c-mama

Ok, so I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough of the Red Heart Soft Baby in New Mint Twinkle to make a good size blanket and I was really liking the way it was turning out. So, after 7 rounds of the Star Blanket pattern, I used the Lion Brand Pound of Love in white for 3 rounds. I’ll continue with the green for 4-6 rounds and continue the pattern until I run out of yarn or when the star is big enough.

I am really liking the way this is turning out.



I completed the Star Blanket. It’s 32″ across.

Unfortunately, my camera’s on the fritz. I’m going to see if I can get it working, or get a disposable camera so I can get a photo.

Phew! Camera is working. I’m SO relieved.

Green and White Star Blanket