ANOTHER blankie!!!!

by c-mama

A friend of mine has been watching me make blankets all summer. Last week she tells me that her son-in-law’s sister is having a baby. She wants me to make a blanket for her. I showed her some patterns on the internet and she really liked CrochetKim’s Personalized Baby Afghan.

As soon as I’m able, I’ll be purchasing some Caron Simply Soft in the colors my friend approves of and get started on it.

And I realized that sending Minnie the already finished Doily Blanket will keep me on track.

My desire is to have a basket or baskets full of blankets and shawls already made for when situations come up. So far, I have 3. One shawl, a large afghan and the second Doily Baby Blanket I’ve yet to finish. But since that doily blanket is already tagged for an internet friend, I suppose it shouldn’t count.

While searching for the posts to link to in this blog, I realized just how many blankets I have crocheted since the end of May. Since 6 of them were for my kiddos, I can safely assume that I will be able to get my comfort basket filled.

Oh, I was surfing last night and found some new crochet/craft blogs. I added them to my reader if you are interested in more blogs. 🙂 Thanks to Robyn for posting her shared blogs.



My friend gave me the money tonight to purchase the yarn. We don’t have a LYS here (yet) so I wandered into Jo-Ann not expecting to find much. And I wasn’t disappointed. You know, their website has a decent selection of yarn, but my local store barely has anything. Every time I go in there it looks as if they are going out of business. Tonight, there were whole baskets of yarn missing. 😦

So, it was off to Walmart I go. I know that they had some Caron Simply Soft that I’d use if I couldn’t find anything “yummy” locally. I picked up 6 skeins of Rose Violet and 2 skeins of White. While there, I noticed they had Bernat Softee Chunky. I picked up 5 skeins in Medium Sea Green. I figured I could make up a nice masculine blanket.

Yay! I’m off to work on this blanket.



These notes are simply for my benefit regarding yarn usage. Kim’s directions are over and above. She did a wonderful job. In fact, reading her very precise directions, I made a swatch before starting. Not something I normally do, especially for a blanket. 😉

  • I had to switch to a size I hook. I crochet tight and my swatch was an inch off of what Kim’s gauge said. I’m still a centimeter or two off, but I’m ok with that.
  • It took one 6 oz skein of the Caron Simply Brites to work up the bottom portion of the heart border and the first side until the instructions say to fasten off. I was only left with 6 meters of yarn.
  • Ok. I was trying to figure out if I read the pattern incorrectly, but I’ve given up on that. On row 43 of the second side of the heart border, it appears that I am a row off. But according to the graph, not according to the written directions. I start on the correct side, the edge instead of the middle, however, I will have 28 open square on the inside of the border going up instead of 27. I will just have to make sure that I measure and make a swatch for the inside portion, the personalized mat so it will fit inside the border. I was frustrated with myself and was unable to frog it since I had fastened off and weaved in the end on the left side already. But I believe I can still work with it.
  • More to add as I go on



I finished weaving in the last ends last night and took the pictures of the blanket this morning.

It measures about 35″ square. The blanket was easy, but challenged me in that I had to sew the personalized mat to the border. I don’t like sewing. And the other challenging part of this blanket was making sure the mat fit inside the border. I was surprised that it fit. It’s a beautiful pattern. I’m happy with the results.




My friend received an e-mail from the recipient and forwarded it to me. I love hearing things like this back from the recipients. Makes my heart smile. 🙂

Hi c-mama’s friend!

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the gift you sent with
your daugher and her husband (my brother)! The blanket is so beautiful!! It is honestly one of the best presents I have ever received and my husband and I were so touched by it. I am sure that Ève will cherish it for always!!

Attached is a picture of Ève with her new Godparents. This part deleted for lack of significance to this post

Thanks again for thinking of us. I truly adore the gift, it is sooooo


Your son-in-law’s sister