Comfortghan for Minnie the service-dog

by c-mama

An internet friend of mine and her husband each have service dogs. Her dog, Minnie, a sweet, adorable dachshund, is going through a tough time right now and is in some considerable pain. Years ago, she was on pain meds for months for what was thought was a bad shoulder. Now it seems that it was preliminary to this injury. She appears to have a problem with her cervical spine.

Minnie was x-rayed on Monday. They were inconclusive, so she needs a myleogram for better diagnosis. The vet needs to do the myleogram with her under sedation and, if all is not well, surgery will need to be done immediately while she is still sedated.

The vet has given them 10 days as an outside date on Minnie’s comfort level.

They have her on prednisone and confined to a kennel with hopes that things will get better rather than worse.

So, I’m making a comfortghan for Minnie. I don’t have any blankets just sitting around. I suppose I could just send one of the doily blankies that I had finished. That would work for sure and be guaranteed to get to them in a couple of days. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

I really need to have extra blankies around for situations like this.

But, you know what? I was really having a difficult time when praying over this last blankie. I was, in my mind, associating it with a baby of one of two internet friends. But I believe now that the Lord knew this blankie would go to Minnie. I guess when I’m praying over these blankies, I need to step out of the box and realize that they may not be going to whom I originally thought they would be going to.

Minnie, I’m praying for a miracle for you. xoxoxoxo