by c-mama

One would think, seeing this *cough* beautiful truck in front of someone’s house, that they are moving or something.

Last night, after waking to something (it’s a nightly occurrence), I walked out of our room, turned off the lights the children left on and peeked out the front window(again, something I do nightly when I wake up after being asleep for only a couple of hours). Mind you, I wear contacts. I can see things, but they are blurry and I cannot make out details. I rely on the contacts. I have to wear them or my glasses. I look out the window and it seems as if something is obstructing my view. Something other than my inability to see clearly. I walk back to my bedroom, put my glasses on and go to the window. Yup. Something was obstructing my view. A big Penske truck. Grrrr.

It’s a public street. But I think it’s quite rude and selfish to park such an eyesore in front of someone else’s house just centimeters from their lawn.

I figured while I was outside I would take some photos of the sky.

We are not in a drought anymore, however, I’m not sure what the levels of Lake Okeechobee are. That’s the real clue. Hmmm. Looks like, as of today, it’s about 4 feet BELOW it’s historical average. So, we need more rain. I should probably trim my bamboo.

This is what it looks like at the table today. Well, it looks like this almost daily except that during the week, there are kids and school books on the table, too. Ok, the kids normally are not ON the table… We took today off. Just because.

I use the anointing balm like lotion on my hands. I put a little extra on my left hand, where the thread runs through my fingers. It smells so nice, it’s frankincense and myrrh. Some friends of mine gave it to me. When I get more, I’ll be ordering it from Rodco, LTD. I don’t think there’s any magic in anointing oils and balms. But, I cannot dispute the references in the Bible to it. When I crochet my things, I pray over them and ask the Lord to give me a word for the person or pray healing over them or something.