by c-mama

Boy, oh, boy! I hadn’t been to Michaels since before Hurricane Wilma. The hurricane destroyed a lot of buildings and I had heard that Michaels took some damage. But I hadn’t been to Michaels before that because I was extremely unhappy with the selection of their yarn. But, our craft stores have been disappointing me lately. The Rag Shop went out of business. Joann’s yarn selection stinks. I mean, they have a few yummy brands, but, really, it’s becoming a waste of my time to even think about going there. Walmart has been through reconstruction and their craft department has been cut in half. Their yarn selection is not what it was.

I THINK we have a couple of LYS around here, but it’s quite a drive. I was getting tired of not having anywhere to go for good yarn. So, I had heard that people were happy with Michael’s yarn selection. So, today, I gave it a try. I needed some graph paper to work up the name on the Personalized Afghan and figured I would try out Michael’s and peek at their yarn. I was blown away! I was finally able to see some Paton’s in real life. Funny, I know, it’s not like Paton’s is some exotic yarn, but where I live, it is! I went home empty handed because I don’t have money for yarn right now. But, when I do, I know where I’m headed. I’m just sad I stayed away for so long. 😦