by c-mama

How many posts do I have here with that title?

I spent over an hour at Michael’s today. I first took inventory on my Palm Tungsten of what they have and the prices. I wanted to know exactly what I will be able to work with.

Then I walked around trying to figure out what yarn I should get for a new blanket I’m making. The customer wants something soft. She will be gifting it to her daughter who, I guess is a snuggler. 🙂

Wow. There were lots of choices. I found some yarns I hadn’t seen yet (I know, where have I been hiding, right? They don’t have these in our Walmarts, Rag Shops or Joannes). Patons SWS that I want to try out, Bernat Bamboo (Oh, My GOODNESSSSSSSS!) and Bernat Silk Sport. I almost picked up the Silk sport for my customer, but I really wanted to make something up using Homespun and Suede.

I also picked up some Bernat Chunky – it was $1.99 a ball! I got 3 balls of Soft Taupe, 3 balls of Nature’s Way and 3 balls of True Taupe.

For my customer, I picked up 2 balls of Lion Suede Taupe, 3 balls of Lion Suede Mocha and 3 skeins of Lion Homespun Faun.

Well, better get hooking. 🙂


I have decided to simply crochet the c-mama ripple pattern. One row of Suede Mocha, one row of Suede Taupe and 6 rows of Homespun. I’ll see how that looks.