Bernat Bamboo

by c-mama

My friend decided we should make the blanket twice the length it is now. Darn! Hee hee. She gave me the rest of the money owed for the entire blanket. I needed to go to Michael’s anyway, so I figured I HAD to pick up some of that Bernat Bamboo. Oh. My. Goodness! I picked up 12 balls. Yes, I am aware that each ball is $3.99. I wanted to make the wrap pictured on the wrapper. I needed to find out if the finished project is as soft as the yarn is by itself.

I also picked up a Clover J hook with a soft handle thing. Ok, I need to take a creative writing class or something. My descriptions need a little help. šŸ˜‰ I cannot find one of my many J hooks and you never know when you need one, right? Oh, and whoever heard of an L hook? I honestly did not think there were L hooks. I have a K and I have an M and an N and a P and I think a Q. Oh, well. I tend to crochet tighter than the average designer, so I’m sure the M hook will work out just fine for my bamboo wrap. After I finish my friend’s blanket, I’ll whip out the bamboo. Yeah!