Gauge – “Pink” Tidy Tote

by c-mama

I purchased Bernat’s pattern book, Easy Living with Crochet. I want to make a few of things in the book, but am starting today with 2a. Pink Tidy Tote. Why do people include colors in their titles? What if I’m making this Pink Tidy Tote in a different color? Oh, well. I’m using Bernat Softee Chunky Twists – Twilight Twists. It’s taupe, light taupe and light blue. Very nice colors.

The pattern calls for a G hook. Yes, you got that right. A bulky, size 5 yarn with a G hook. Well, I start with my 4.25 G hook, knowing I will probably have to use a larger hook. I end up with a J. A J! From G to J. That, to me, is a huge difference. I cannot imagine how loose this designer crochets! Unless it was a misprint. Oh, well.



It’s coming along nicely. I just finished one skein and it measures 13″. I need to crochet this piece until it measures 34″, then sl st the foundation row to the last row, make the base, join it to the bag and make 2 handles. I hope I have enough yarn. If anything, I have a ball or two of Bernat Softee Chunky in just Taupe and also a taupe/blue/dark taupe color that might work. Might. Probably not. I should just stick with solids if I run out and don’t want to buy more. 🙂


I finished the “Pink” Tidy Tote and I LOVE it!!!!!!!! The yarn is great and so is the bag. I ended up needing to use the lighter taupe for the handles because I ran out of the twists – and the pattern.

The bag measures 16″ wide x 13″ tall x 2″ deep. The handles are about 8 1/2″ tall.

Knowing the pattern now, if I make it again, I know what to do to make it wider or taller or even deeper. Very simple. I am planning on using this to carry my W.I.P.s in. I have a cart that I use that carries my books when I go to church and my crochet work. However, besides the fact that I love bags, I sometimes need a bag only to carry my work in. Also, I will use it as a purse to hold my wallet, iPod, phone and keys when I don’t want my purse with me.

"Pink" Tidy Tote