by c-mama

I worked on the bamboo wrap during the church service yesterday morning. It measures 61″ x 8″.

Yes, there are different greens. It’s the same color, but obviously a different lot. Oh, well. I’m making it for myself, and if anyone else is interested in one, I’ll make sure the skeins I pick up are from the same lot.

Then, yesterday afternoon and last night I worked on the Sweet Baby Jacket. I only worked on it a couple of hours, having to frog it because I started with the main color instead of the accent color. I really like the two colors together. It’s going to be a nice looking sweater. I hope Shelly likes it. 🙂 Better, yet, I hope her friends like it.

…and while outside, I took a photo of the top of one of our trees against a beautiful blue sky

and a photo of one of my sons, who, evidently didn’t realize I was taking his photo. THAT, in and of itself, is amazing. 🙂 Meet Kenaniah.