Comfortghan for an online friend – God is Love

by c-mama

I have a friend who has been going through a lot this past year and is now in the hospital with kidney stones. I had been wanting to make her a comfortghan for some time now, but this last bit of news about her in the hospital has pushed me to want to get started on it now.

I have to wait until tomorrow to get the yarn. I had been torn between coziest throw and Say it with hearts. I would like to make the “coziest throw”, but in order to make it the way I really want to, I’d have to spend too much money on yarn and I can’t do that right now. Besides, I’ve been thinking about the hearts afghan for about a week now. So, off to Michael’s I’ll go tomorrow and hope that they have some nice worsted weight yarn on sale. I need 64 oz! Wow.

I hope they have some Susan Bates Bamboo hooks in. Even though I can get a deal on Coats & Clark, I really want them NOW. šŸ™‚

Maybe I’ll finish the doily baby blanket I’m making up, but if I don’t, it’s ok. I still have a bit of time before that baby is born.


Ok. So, I found another pattern I liked. Well, it was the yarn that I liked. The pattern AND the yarn. šŸ™‚

It’s a free pattern on Bernat’s site called Treble Cross. I figured I would make up this blanket if Michael’s had the yarn for $1.99 a ball – Softee Chunky. At that price, I could even make the main color in the variegated, as variegated has less yarn in it than solids. Well, Michael’s had it for $1.99. I cleaned them out of the Nature’s Way. 11 balls. I needed 12, but remembered I have one or two at the house. I also picked up 3 in New Denim Heather and 3 in Soft Taupe. I think this is going to turn out quite nicely.



Blue and brown Comfortghan
I finished my friend’s comfortghan and I absolutely love it. It’s so soft and huggable. I don’t know if it’s because of who it’s for, but I hope that she feels the love in it like I do.

The finished size is 47″ x 60″.

I call this the God is Love Comfortghan because of the song, “God is Love” by Jonathan Helser that I kept listening to over and over when crocheting it. The words:

I will dance on the chains of my circumstance
Walk on the waves of the storm

Nothing is impossible to those who believe
That God is Love

God is Love
I won’t be afraid
God is Love
Nothing is impossible

I will live out the dreams You place in me
Shout down the walls of fear

‘Cause nothing is impossible to those who believe
That God is Love

I can scale the walls
I can move a mountain
I can slay a giant
With You on my side

I can raise the dead
I can free the nations
I can fly!