I think there’s something wrong with me…

by c-mama

I purchased 18 balls of Bernat Chunky this morning for the comfortghan I’m making for my friend. I packed up my new tote with 9 balls, my hook and my scissors. I then started getting anxious thinking I wouldn’t have enough yarn with me. What if I use up all this yarn? I need to bring it all with me.

Where, do you ask, was I going? My husband is the worship leader at church. The worship team has practice on Thursdays. By the way I’m talking, you’d think this practice was an all day event, right? No. Hubby and I get there before the rest of the team – I’m not on the team, btw – I go to get out of the house ;). I’d say between 6:15 pm and 6:30 pm. People start showing up at 7 and practice starts at 7:30. They go until 9.

Yes. 9. And I’m all concerned thinking I won’t have enough yarn. *sigh* I could have brought 4 balls with me and enough. I’m making a blanket that I have to change colors in, so that’s why 4 would be more than enough.

Yes, I do believe I may have a problem. But, just a little one. LOL