Letter to Michaels

by c-mama

I have been so excited about the yarn that my local Michaels carries that my husband encouraged me to write their corporate office a letter. So, I’m posting it here and will be mailing it out tonight. 🙂

Michaels Stores, Inc.
8000 Bent Branch Dr.
Irving, TX 75063

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to tell you how happy I am with the yarn selection at your store located at 2075 N. University Drive in Coral Springs, FL.

I am a crocheter. I purchase yarn on a weekly to monthly basis. I had not been to a Michaels in a couple of years because I was not happy with the yarn selection. I had, instead, purchased my yarn and other crocheting supplies at Walmart, Rag Shop and Jo-Ann.

But recently, Walmart has revamped their store and the craft section has dramatically diminished. The Rag Shop has gone out of business and I have not been happy with the yarn selection at Jo-Ann. I had decided it was time to see what Michaels had to offer. I went in to purchase some graph paper and take a look at their yarn selection. I was extremely pleased to see a large selection of brands, weights and colors of yarns, and a nice selection of tools and patterns. I went in a week later with my electronic organizer to take an inventory of what they had so I knew what I would be able to work with. Michaels is now number one on my list of stores to shop at for my crocheting and craft needs.

I have seen many craft stores slowly reduce their inventory, forcing me to shop elsewhere. I hope that Michaels will not be one of those stores. I look forward to continuing my shopping experience at Michaels for a long time to come.