Patons SWS

by c-mama

Hubby went along with the Youth Group this past weekend to Night of Joy. He came home with some extra money and tonight asked if I’d like to come along to the music store. He wanted to pick up a “brick” which is a power supply for his pedals.

I said sure. He said that with the leftover money after that we could go to Michael’s. Yay! šŸ™‚ So, I picked up 3 balls of Patons SWS in Natural Earth. This is my first Patons purchase. I knew the yarn was out there, however, I had never seen it in person. I had only been to Walmart, Rag Shop and JoAnn’s and none of those stores carried Patons. But Michael’s does.

I don’t like picking up yarn without knowing what I’m going to make. I do it sometimes, but tonight I wanted to make sure I had enough yarn, and with only $25 to spend, I wanted to do it wisely. So, I ended up getting Patons SWS the Look booklet that has a set of mittens, a bag and a hat. I’m going to make the bag. I was going to get 4 balls and make the hat and bag, but I don’t wear hats and I want this bag to be mine.

So, after the two blankets, I’m going to get working on the bag.

Pics of this luscious yarn to come soon.