Digital Recorder Case

by c-mama

SWS and Satin Sport

My friend asked me to make up a case for her Digital Recorder. It’s 1 3/4″ x 4″. I forgot to measure the depth. I didn’t even measure the width and height, as I didn’t have my tape measure handy. I just drew around it on a piece of paper. 😀 But, it’s about 1″ thick (deep).

I had just under $20 with me, so I went to Michaels. I thought I wanted to work it up in SWS, so I picked up 2 balls of Natural Blue which is a light blue, lighter blue, beige and light beige. I know it would look nice in that, but my friend is a bit more classic in her taste. She wears flashy things once in a while, but I think something in one color and a cream/beige would be best for her. So, in addition to the 2 balls of SWS (hey! I WAS on sale. I couldn’t pass that up.), I picked up a ball of Bernat Satin Sport in Beige. Pretty color and I think it will work well for her.

I’m going to use a G hook and simple single crochets. Hopefully I won’t have to frog too much. The question for me is, what to do at the top? Pull string or flap/button down? I guess I’ll see how it progresses.