MORE yarn

by c-mama

I (mistakenly?) stopped at Tuesday Morning. I had to get some coffee beans from Dunkin’ Donuts and Tuesday Morning is right across the street. I was alone and had some money, so I thought I’d check out the store. I had never been there. Well, it’s very junky looking on the inside, but if one is willing to sort through and walk through the entire store, one is probably able to find something.

I heard that they sell yarn there. I really didn’t know what to expect. I found 6 cardboard bins of yarn. They were all just tossed in with each other, some yarn was dreadfully fuzzy from being tossed aside with other yarn. Most were small balls of ribbon yarn, furs, etc. I did find a skein or two of homespun, but those were the ones that were really too fuzzy from being in there for so long. While sitting on the floor – yes, it was junky, I’m sure the floors were dirty, but the yarn was on the bottom shelf and there were no tables or shelves for me to put the yarn on, and I didn’t want to miss one single skein – I found some Kristha Metallic. First I found 2 60 yd balls in this real pretty pink/white ribbon. Then I found 3 balls of black/gray/white. I was going to get all 5 and then I found more yarn and another ball of black/gray/white. I settled on 4 balls of the black/gray/white. This yarn is from Italy, and the tag says it’s regularly priced at $11.00. I got them for $4.99 each.

When I got home, I searched, couldn’t find the website, but saw a place selling it for $10.99 a ball. Cool deal.

What will I make with it? I have no idea. 🙂