Such a dilemma

by c-mama

I’m making a thread project. But I miss working with yarn. I want to go to Michael’s and pick up some Lion Brand Suede to make a vest or some Paton’s SWS to make a vest. The dilemma? Scott is going to be taking me to a LYS on Saturday. We’re going to the Boca Town Center Mall (Apple Store) to get him a new iPod (Emily, our oldest daughter is going to be getting his old one for her birthday) and I figured since we were in the neighborhood, could we check out Great Balls of Yarn. I’ve never been there.

I don’t usually like going into a LYS without having a project in mind, and I don’t know what they carry. I suppose I could go to “scout” the joint out.

See? Dilemma. Go to Michaels, spend my money on Suede or Wool/Soy or wait (that’s the key word here) until Saturday to see what the LYS has in store for me.