They’re heeeere!

by c-mama

Susan Bates Bamboo Hooks

On September 6, I ordered some Susan Bates crochet hooks with bamboo handles from Coates Collection by Herrschners. They were having a sale (still are) where you can buy a set of 8 hooks for $12.97. Good deal since, if you purchase them separately, it would cost $22.xx.

They were on backorder so I had to wait FOREVER. I almost gave up, and would have given up if they were sold locally.

I received e-mail notification that they shipped last Thursday. They came today. I ripped out my current project – a baby blanket a friend asked me to make for her friend. I hadn’t gotten very far, so it wasn’t a big deal. I like them. I like Susan Bates hooks and figured I’d like these. I was right. 🙂